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Mixture of Beijing opera and bikinis is not art

(People's Daily Online)

13:30, September 28, 2012

(Xinhua Photo)

The mixture of “Beijing opera headwear and bikinis” is actually like “drinking coffee and eating garlic at the same time.” It not only looks strange but also feels odd. Facing queries, organizers of the international bikini contest loudly explained that they were not deliberately imitating the Beijing Opera but just trying to transmit the beauty of the East and bring the Chinese culture to the world.

In fact, these “Beijing Opera bikini beauties” imitated not only the dressing but also poses and gestures of the Beijing Opera. Can we see such poses and gestures in any other catwalk show?

It is even more unreasonable to say using the “Beijing Opera bikini” to transmit the beauty of the East. The beauty of the East, as a cultural concept, indeed needs to be transmitted and be known and recognized by the world. But what we should present are the most original and classic contents. Using this weird thing to show the Beauty of the East is a shame.

Beijing Opera, as an essence of the traditional Chinese culture, is known and loved by not only many Chinese but also many foreigners. Did anybody see this kind of “sexy-version” Beijing Opera performance before? Watching this show, many foreigners may think that the Beijing Opera is really like this. So, is it carrying forward or ruining the traditional Chinese culture?

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