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Tips for "Autumn Equinox" [Special]

(People's Daily Online)

15:54, September 21, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle

The 24 Solar Terms - Autumn Equinox 。◕‿◕。

On the Chinese lunar calendar, “Autumn Equinox” is the beginning of autumn and this day is just at the middle point between “Autumn Begins” to “Hoar-Frost Falls”. It arrives on September 22 this year. [Read more]

What to eat? 

Top four foods to eat during Autumn Equinox

Edible lily bulb is a good nourishing food for people of all ages. It is rich in protein, fat, demethyl colchicines, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. [Read more]


Tips for autumn equinox recipes

Check out the two recipes specially chose for autumn regimen. [Read more]

Autumn Equinox recipe: Wheat kernel and sweet potato soup

The soup is tasty and nutritious. Besides, it helps lose weight. [Read more]

Regimen: New options of healthy breakfast

In the perspective of Chinese people, congee is not only great baby food, recuperating food and anti-diarrhea food, but also top nourishing food in autumn regimens. [Read more]

Foods pregnant women should avoid


  Useful tips for autumn

Nourishing vegetables you should not miss in autumn

As the weather is getting cooler, most people prefer to add meat in their daily diet to nourish the body to maintain the inner balance of Yin and Yang. [Read more]

Chinese congee, low-calorie nutrient

Looking for a tasty recipe that's a great alternative to instant oatmeal? Try nutritious and yummy Chinese-style congee. [Read more]

Men's health: Meat that nourish your kidneys

Bovine bone marrow is the best meat to nourish the kidneys. [Read more]

Survivors tell you how to survive traffic accidents

Australian researchers have studied records of 105 plane crashes and interviews with more than 2,000 survivors of traffic accidents, and outlined the following self-help tips. [Read more]

Life tips: Don't bathe under the following conditions (No.8)

When you're taking a bath, the hot water will expand blood vessels. [Read more]


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