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Shoushan Stone Art Gallery located in Beijing's Beihai Park

(Guangming Online)

14:06, September 20, 2012


Located in Beihai Park, one of the Beijing royal gardens, the “Calligraphy and Stone” Shoushan Stone Art Gallery opened tomorrow. The gallery displayed more than 300 Shoushan stone carvings by national and provincial arts and crafts masters. The amount of overall evaluated price is above 1 billion yuan. Constructed by Fuzhou Shoushan Stone Guild and Fujian Calligraphy and Stone Art Gallery, Beijing “Calligraphy and Stone” Shoushan Stone Art Gallery Is located in the center of Beihai Park. The gallery is divided into two parts: one is exhibition center “Yong’an Cabinet”, where there will be some Shoushan stone cultural exchange activities every month; another is “Yifang Mountain”, which covers about 6000 squares. Today “Masterpieces Exhibition in celebration of Fuzhou's winning of ‘China Shoushan Stone Capital’ ” will begin in Yong’an Cabinet.
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