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Eye-shaped stickers become popular among college students and office workers

(Global Times)

09:45, September 20, 2012

Eye-shaped stickers are a hot item these days, as they can be used to fool others when you're secretly taking a nap. (Chongqing Commercial Daily)

Eye-shaped stickers are a hot item these days, as they can be used to fool others when you're secretly taking a nap.

Most buyers are college students and office workers who use the stickers to feel safe when falling asleep during work or class time.

Deng Qing, an office worker who bought a pair, said that he used them at work once and his boss realized they were fake.

"My boss fined me 50 yuan ($7.90) and told me that I am free to sleep when I feel tired, but that he did not appreciate my trick," Deng said.

One netizen said that she slept during all her classes this past week, and that none of her teachers noticed that the stickers were fake.

"You are safe to sleep with the stickers on whenever you need a nap. They're hard to detect," a storekeeper who sold the items said. "And they're cheap, at only 1 yuan for each pair."

However, Tan Gangqiang, a psychologist, strongly opposes the use of the eye stickers, saying that such behavior will negatively affect studies and work. "What's more, it will also damage the user's image," he added.

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