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What che saw

By Mike Peters, Michael Franklin and Jonathan Stefonek (China Daily)

08:55, September 18, 2012

One of many self-portraits Che Guevara took in Tanzania, a period after an aborted armed struggle in Congo left the Marxist revolutionary in doubt about what to do next. (Photos Provided to China Daily)

The revolutionary hero's son brings a lifelong collection of Guevara's photographs to Beijing, and tells Mike Peters, Michael Franklin and Jonathan Stefonek why they are important.

Camilo Guevara is holding a very odd press conference.

After coming thousands of miles to meet the assembled reporters, he won't sit at the center of the table. He doesn't want a microphone, preferring to let only the Chinese translator's voice carry across the sound system. He tolerates the photographers but he never poses.

He's not shy, and he has plenty to say. But the man wants to keep the focus on another Guevara. That would be his father - the man the world knows simply as "Che". The eldest son of the revolutionary hero is here to present an intriguing photography exhibition.

While the most famous image of Che Guevara has become a pop icon, the show his son has brought to Beijing is designed to "turn the tables" and put his father on the other side of the camera.

That was a place the revolutionary hero was happy to be, says Camilo Guevara, who is the guest curator of the collection of 238 photos on display until Oct 10 in Beijing.

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