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Authors receive digital copyright royalties

By An Wei  (

09:11, September 17, 2012

On Sept. 13, a press conference took place in Beijing to discuss the one million Yuan (US$158,000) in digital copyright royalties that the Writers Publishing House has given to its authors. The conference was hosted by Ge Xiaozheng and Liu Fang, president and deputy editor of the Writers Publishing House, respectively.

Recently, Yin Jianli, Jia Pingwa, Yang Hongying and several other writers received their 2011 digital publishing copyright royalties from the Writers Publishing House, amounting to a total of nearly one million yuan.. After doing so last year, the Writers Publishing House once again is the first traditional publishing institution to give its authors the digital royalties they're entitled to.

At the moment, digital publishing is not only a hot topic within the publishing industry itself, but it has also become a focus of society. For traditional publishing institutions and most traditional writers, digital publishing is still a seemingly beautiful and convenient concept. It is now up to all publishers to tackle the problem of how to take digital publishing to the next level.

In 2011, under the regulations of the Chinese Writers Association Party Committee, the Chinese Writers Publishing Group and Writers Publishing House jointly invested in the establishment of Beijing ZZHW Digital Media Co. Ltd, the only media division specialized in digital publishing, belonging to the Chinese Writers Association.

Beijing ZZHW Digital Media Co. Ltd. has set three goals. Most importantly, the group aims to promote the authors' works in the new media field in order to expand their influence; In addition, it will safeguard the writers' legal rights and interests and maintain the standard process of creation: First publish the work and then spread the word. A final item on group's list is the extensive promotion of the digital editions and the creation of better economic benefits for the group's authors.

So far, over 60 writers have received their 2011 digital publishing copyright royalties, and a total of more than one hundred writers have already benefited from this policy over the past two years.

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