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Life tips: Don't bathe under the following conditions (No.8)

(People's Daily Online)

13:08, September 14, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle

These tips provide you with information and skills for a happy and healthy lifestyle. ◕‿◕

What to eat? 

Danger: Don't bathe under the following conditions

When you're taking a bath, the hot water will expand blood vessels. [Read more]


Men’s health: Skin care for dry, oily skin

It is complained that there has always been a lot of discussion on women’s skin care. [Read more]

Men's Health: These behaviors will harm your kidneys

Long-term use or large doses of anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs such as the painkiller tablets, indomethacin, acetaminophen, and aspirin will cause kidney damages. [Read more]

Men's health: 10 aging predictors

Drinking more than one cup of coffee a day can increase the risk of heart disease, also increases the chances of cadiovasuler inflammation. [Read more]


  Other tips for daily life

Recipe: Fennel, carrot and lily bulb salad

Ingredients (serves 4): 1 large fennel bulb, about 400g [Read more]

Tips for 'White Dews' [Special]

When “White Dews” comes, the temperature decreases further and the weather gets cooler. In the morning, you can see the dew on the grass and trees. [Read more]

Life tips: Nine tips to reduce the harm of drinking (No.7)

Drinking is inevitable. However, moderate drinking is good for your health while excessive drinking will be harmful. [Read more]

Life tips: Top four vegetables that help lose weight (No.6)

Lotus root grows in hot, rainy summer, and matures in autumn. To eat lotus root in autumn is a best choice.[Read more]


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