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Mid-Autumn cakes: Overpriced, over-packaged and over the moon

By Dong Zhen and Xu Chi   (Shanghai Daily)

10:53, September 14, 2012

(Xinhua photo)

Over-packaging of products has long been a bane in China. And despite repeated official attempts to put an end to the practice, it shows no signs of abating.

And with the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, mooncake producers have gone into overdrive in their push to decorate - rather overdo - their mooncake packages.

The city watchdog's pleas to tone down the packaging have fallen on deaf ears with the seasonal snack adorned in spacious and heavily-decorated packaging to cater to the demands of gift givers, a Shanghai Daily investigation shows.

At least half of the mooncake boxes in local stores risk breaking national standard rules on size or price restrictions with a single lavishly packed box easily selling for as much as several hundred yuan, according to the investigation.

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