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When can Chinese shed 'Nobel Prize complex'?

(People's Daily Online)

14:14, September 12, 2012

Recently, the news about Chinese writer Mo Yan's inclusion into the favorites for the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature by some betting companies were reprinted by many cultural media outlets. Although the winner remains unknown, it does not hamper the bets of betting companies on it.

The world's leading betting company Unibet has recently published the list of writers with the odds winning the Nobel Prize for Literature on its official website. Chinese writer Mo Yan first appeared on one of the lists, ranking first with the odds of 1 to 6.5, followed by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami with the odds of 1 to 8.

In these years, every time before and after the Nobel Prize for Literature was announced, the cultural media will talk about the world's highest literature prize. These reports and discussions involved all the aspects but their most concern was when a Chinese writer can win the laurel.

However, the literary circles, the writers and even the readers really have a very complex psychology to the Nobel Prize for Literature in China. It can be said that both Chinese literature and writers have accumulated very deep "Nobel Prize complex."

The complicated cultural moods include anxiety, hope, effort, self-confidence, disappointment and even rejection. They are not difficult to understand because they show a desire of being recognized by the world literature. They hope that China's literature and writers can integrate with the development trend of the world literature and contribute to the world literature.

Why does China, a country with an ancient civilization and world's large population, always miss the Nobel Prize for Literature? How can the Chinese literature be ignored and pushed to the edge of the world literature since the Chinese economy had a significant impact on the world and Chinese culture is loved by the people of many countries?

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none of your business at 2012-09-13173.230.160.*
When the Chinese people are confident and proud enough not to allow themselves to be judged by others.
SG at 2012-09-12203.116.198.*
I strongly agree that Chinese literary standard should rise above prizes and judgements by who and whoever. We are doing a big disservice to ourselves letting irrelevant people decide where we are in the world, in a field we are clearly ahead in depth and breadth.

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