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SH Contemporary wraps up

By  Li Yuting (Global Times)

09:56, September 12, 2012

Two boys pose by an exhibition on the closing day of SH Contemporary 2012 at Shanghai Exhibition Center. (GT/Cai Xianmin)

Shanghai's sixth annual art fair draws diverse crowd, few buyers

In China's art circle, the annual SH Contemporary has played an integral role in bringing art and collectors together. The sixth SH Contemporary, which wrapped up on Sunday, saw about 90 galleries from 18 countries participating in the three-day event held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

According to the organizer of SH Contemporary, the fair attracted about 600 collectors from all over the world and over 35,000 visitors.

"We had a good fair. Chinese galleries did better than foreign galleries, but most of the dealers coming from abroad understand that to grab the attention from Chinese collectors, they need time. Many were happy to start a conversation with the Chinese art world nevertheless," Massimo Torrigiani, artistic director of the SH Contemporary 2012, told the Global Times.

International event

The business side of buying and collecting art remains a top concern for participating galleries at the fair. Statistical figure of this year's trade have not been released.

However, according to organizers, sales have been completed with foreign artists such as Alighiero Boetti and Francesco Clemente (Italy), Araki Nabuyoshi and Yayoi Kusama (Japan), Carsten Nicolai (Germany) and Halim Al Karim (Iraq), as well as Chinese contemporary artists such as Ding Yi, Zhu Dequn, Zhang Enli.

Developed in conjunction with a curatorial network, Arthub Asia, the fair featured various projects separated by categories: Now Ink (ink painting and calligraphy), Hot Spots (large scale, site specific projects and on-site performances), First Issues (young artists), The Video Room (moving image and new media) and the Asia Pacific Photography Prize, the latter which featured winner Wen Ling, represented by Star Gallery, Beijing.

Along with the exhibitions, a series of panels and forums featuring artists, directors and curators were held.

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