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Detect mentally ill in your neighborhood

By Cai Wenjun   (Shanghai Daily)

13:17, September 11, 2012

(File Photo)

Community members are expected to get more involved in resolving the community's mental health needs as the result of new regulations.

Local residents will be asked to offer information if they know of people in the community who have odd behaviors.

Some of the behaviors include saying something strange and talking and smiling to themselves, performing strangely in public like being naked, being over-talkative and not going to school or going to work, avoiding outside contact without proper reasons, or attempts to commit suicide or hurt themselves.

There are 11 such questions residents will be asked in order to help local health authorities locate people to offer early psychological disease detection and intervention, officials from the Shanghai Health Bureau said yesterday, the annual World Suicide Prevention Day.

Under a new guideline on mental disease diagnosis and treatment, local community hospitals will find residents suspected of serious illnesses.

Those with registered residency and those staying in the city for more than six months including expatriates fall within the auspices of the community-based mental disease management network.

Those detected with suspected syndromes will be included in a network for further diagnosis in professional mental health centers. Those with mental illness will receive timely treatment. Community hospitals will also offer regular visits and psychological rehabilitation to patients who live at home.

The health bureau promised all personal information about mental illness patients and tipsters will be protected and all treatment will be provided upon the approval of patients and their guardians.

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