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Man in his 50s tries to woo potential mates by wearing homemade ‘chastity belt’


09:50, September 07, 2012

A man in his 50s showed up almost naked to Changchun World Sculpture Park in northeastern Jilin Province, wearing a homemade chastity belt.( )

A man in his 50s showed up almost naked to Changchun World Sculpture Park in northeastern Jilin Province, wearing a homemade chastity belt.

The man appeared calm when five onlookers began photographing him on Sunday. He even obliged their requests for him to pose. There were two posters beside him, which read "Adam seeking marriage."

According to the man surnamed Liu, he divorced eight years ago and his son has attended university. "I used to be an inventor in the South, and I want to marry a woman from the Northeast," Liu said.

With few opportunities to meet many women from the Northeast, he decided to seek marriage in this unique way. "I want to broadcast my willingness to marry as quickly as possible," he said.

Liu says he is a farmer with an education background equivalent to a doctoral degree. He also sees himself as a poet, inventor, philosopher and andrology expert. He claims that the chastity belt he invented is a foolproof barrier to infidelity.

"I don't think he'll find a wife this way," said one onlooker who said older women will not take him seriously.

In response to people's skepticism, Liu said that he had anticipated controversy, but he had made up his mind and will stick it out.

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