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13.6% of women sexually harassed on subway


08:53, September 07, 2012

More than 80 percent of people think sexual harassment exists on the subway according to a poll reported by China Youth Daily.

The poll was launched by a social investigation center affiliated to China Youth Daily of 9,617 people online, showing that 13.6 percent of people said they had been sexually harassed while riding the subway, and 81.9 percent agreed with the existence of the phenomenon.

The poll also shows that 59 percent of the respondents blamed women dressing scantily, less than the 60.6 percent of people who blamed men's bad manners.

Zhu Hongwen, a professor of sociology at Beijing Normal University said the way women dress should not be the reason for being harassed. "Men should respect women in public from a moral point of view," he said.

Zhang Qing, a white-collar woman who has been working in Beijing for four years, said the subway administration should enhance safety measures to protect women, like installing surveillance cameras and more police on duty.

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