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London Film Festival to host world premiere of Rolling Stones movie


09:00, September 06, 2012

LONDON, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- The London Film Festival will host the world premiere of a movie documentary of the Rolling Stones, and the four members of the band will also attend the world premiere, organizer of the event said on Wednesday.

The Rolling Stones documentary is named "Crossfire Hurricane" after one of their most famous tracks.

The 56th London Film Festival, which begins on October 10, will also feature European premieres for Tim Burton's latest film "Frankenweenie," a 3-D comic-horror animation from Disney.

A film of the Charles Dickens literary classic "Great Expectations," directed by Mike Newell and starring Helena Bonham-Carter, will also get its European premiere as the final film to be screened during the 11-day festival.

Chinese feature films to be screened include Jia Zhangke's 2011 movie "Mr. Tree," and Jiang Wen's 2010 comedy hit "Let the Bullets Fly."

A total of 225 feature films will be shown, with 111 short films. Films from a total of 88 countries will be screened, and there will be 14 world premieres and 34 European premieres.

"I'm really delighted to have the Tim Burton movie 'Frankenweenie' getting its European premiere here -- it's a real cinematic experience in 3-D. And it's great to have 'Great Expectations' starring Burton's wife Helena Bonham-Carter in the 200th anniversary year of Dickens' birth," Festival director Clare Stewart told Xinhua,

Stewart said the post-Olympic atmosphere in London would be a bonus for the film festival.

"It's really interesting coming off the back of the Olympics, there's a real buzz in the city," said Stewart, who is organizing her first London Film Festival after being at the helm of the Sydney Film Festival for some years.

For the first time, festival awards will be made competitively, with 12 films selected to compete in each of the three new categories - Official Competition, First Feature Competition and Documentary Competition.

The entries for the Official Competition are "Everyday" by Michael Winterbottom, "Ginger and Rosa" by Sally Potter, "Midnight's Children" by Deepa Mehta, "Seven Psychopaths" by Martin McDonagh, "After Lucia" by Michel Franco, "End of Watch" by David Ayer, "Fill the Void" by Rama Burshtein, "It Was the Son" by Daniele Cipri, "In the House" by Francois Ozon, "No" by Pablo Larrain, and "Rust and Bone" by Jacques Audiard.
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