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Chinese Film Earns Award at Montreal Festival

(CRI Online)

16:53, September 05, 2012

(CRI online Photo)

The touching drama "Wings" has won the Innovation Award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Chinese director Yang Yazhou's touching drama "Wings" has won the Innovation Award at the World Film Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The film tells the story of an armless young man who saves a suicidal woman and helps her regain her passion for life.

Director Yang cast Liu Wei, an armless pianist who previously had no experience in acting, for the lead role.

Twenty-five-year-old Liu lost both of his arms in an accident when he was 10. However, he went on to teach himself to play the piano with his toes.

Liu became a nation-wide sensation in 2010 after winning the first place at the China's Got Talent show.

Director Yang said Liu's story was one of the inspirations for making his film.
Swedish filmmaker Jan Troell was named Best Director for his film "The Last Sentence". The Best Actress and Actor awards went to German actress Brigitte Hobmeier and Austrian actor Karl Merkatz, for the films "Closed Season" and "Coming of Age", respectively.

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