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Urgent protection needed for the Yulin Great Wall

People's Daily Online)  08:18, September 05, 2012

A corner of the Ming Great Wall in Yulin, Shaanxi (Xinhua / Jiang Hongjing)

Edited and translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

Yulin, a city in Shaanxi province, is located at the south edge of Maowusu Desert, also known as the Ordos Desert. It has been an important strategic frontier since the ancient times and is a junction between the desert grassland and the loess plateau. It is also a barrier that prevents the Maowusu Desert from moving south. The Yulin Great Wall takes a great part in the Ming Great Wall ruins, stretching over six counties including Yuyang, Shenmu, Fugu and so on. The Walls, intermittent connected lasts thousands of kilometers.

According the research, this place is also home to the Great Wall ruins from the Qin, Wei and Sui Dynasties. Nowadays, almost all of them are buried under sand. The Walls have been damaged to certain extend due to various reasons such as erosion, natural causes, low frequency of maintenance and so on.

In recent years, the Yulin cultural relics units at all levels have been working hard to protect this important historical heritage. A number of measures, such as hiring more working staffs with better pay, applying for cultural relic protection project and improving culture relic protection laws, have been put into actions.

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