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"Lovers' Valley" attracts young couples in C. China


10:03, September 03, 2012

During China’s Valentine’s day last Thursday, traditional wedding customs were on display at "Lovers’ Valley" in central China’s Yellow Mountain.And the activity has been attracting tourists since then.(

During China’s Valentine’s day last Thursday, traditional wedding customs were on display at "Lovers’ Valley" in central China’s Yellow Mountain. And the activity has been attracting tourists since then.

Putting on the Red Head Cover, and sitting in a red sedan, that’s what a traditional Chinese wedding looks like. This experience is now being offered to tourists at Anhui’s Yellow Mountain. Newly weds and lovers are lining up to experience this traditional custom, letting the beautiful scenery be a testimony of their love.

Lovers’ Valley, originally called Jade Valley, got the name because back in 1988, thirty six young people travelled here. A desolated area back then without any trails, the group hiked the valley. After they returned to their hometown, Shanghai, ten couples formed out of the group. That’s how the valley got its current name. So, now it has become a favorite place for love birds.

Yellow Mountain is a World Heritage site. Its trees, stones and brooks are all very famous. It’s also the place where the Oscar winning film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was shot.

Chinese Valentine’s Day has been celebrated here for six years.

Zhang Guijun, Manager of Lovers’ Valley Scenic Spot, said, This activity highlights both the culture of the region and the legends behind the valley.

According to manager Zhang Guijun, it’s hoped the ChineseValentine’s Day activity will become a calling card of Yellow Mountain, and further add a romantic atmosphere to the mountain’s beautiful greenery.

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