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Keywords of London Paralympics

(People's Daily Online)

15:40, August 30, 2012

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Edited and translated by Gao Yinan, People's Daily Online

The 2012 London Summer Paralympics Games
The 2012 London Summer Paralympics Games are the fourteenth Summer Paralympics Games and are taking place between 29 August and 9 September in London, UK, as governed by the International Paralympics Committee. The first Paralympics Games was held in Italy, Rome in 1960 then held every four years. The 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games is the thirteenth Summer Paralympics.

Inspire a Generation
The motto of the London Paralympic Games is "inspire a generation" the same as the London Olympic Games

Mandeville is the official mascot of the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games. Mandeville is named in honour of the village of Stoke Mandeville due to its significance in the origins of the Paralympics. Mandeville also wears an aerodynamic helmet emblazoned in the red, green, and blue colours of the Paralympic emblem. Along with the Olympic counterpart Wenlock, they are portrayed drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton, and feature singular camera eyes—representing "focus" and the cameras being used to capture the Games.

The London 2012 Paralympics’ medals weigh 375-400g, are 85mm in diameter and 7mm thick. The obverse side of the medal represents ‘Spirit in motion’ with an image of an imagined close-up section of an outstretched wing of the Greek Goddess of Victory. This image represents forward flight, power and lightness – a natural metaphor for the spirit of the Paralympic Games. The reverse of the medal represents ‘The heart of victory’ through a depiction of the area close to the heart of the Greek Goddess of Victory to reflect inclusion and togetherness at an historical event.

4,200 athletes from 166 countries and regions will compete in 20 sports. 1513 female athletes participate in the Games. The Chinese sports delegation consists of 282 athletes.


Classification is a sport-based system of leveling the competition playing field for athletes with a physical disability. The classification system has been designed so as to minimize the impact of disability on the outcome of competition, so that athletes who succeed in competition do so on the basis of their sporting ability. To achieve this, athletes are classified according to the extent of activity limitation resulting from their disability.

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