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China to launch Islamic cultural pageant in Turkey


08:23, August 30, 2012

ISTANBUL, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- China will launch an eight-day Islamic cultural pageant in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, on Friday as part of China's efforts to enhance its bilateral relations with Turkey, a Chinese official said here Wednesday.

Guo Wei, director general of Foreign Affairs Department of China's State Administration for Religious Affairs, said at a press conference that the Chinese Islamic Cultural Expo would introduce China's Islamic history and unique Muslim culture to Turkey.

She expressed her hope that the Islamic cultural pageant, which involves more than 100 people from China, will deepen the mutual understanding and enhance the cooperation between Chinese and Turkish Muslims.

"2012 China-Turkey Islamic Cultural Expo and Performances" will start from Aug. 31 to Sept. 7 at Istanbul's Ali Emiri Culture Center. It is jointly organized by China's State Administration for Religious Affairs, the Islamic Association of China (IAC) and Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs to mark the China-Turkey Cultural Year.

During the Islamic Cultural Expo, Chinese Muslims will exhibit Chinese Islamic culture, Quran chanting, a symposium on China- Turkey Islamic exchanges, and Islamic singing and dancing shows.

Mehmet Pacaci, general director of foreign relations from Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs, said at the conference that cooperation between Chinese and Turkish Muslims has developed fast in recent years.

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