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Piano teacher in tune with stress-free music lessons

By Fu Yao (Shanghai Daily)

09:41, August 29, 2012

Joerg Rinderman, head of Raffles Music Classroom, thinks music is the No. 1 thing in his life. He has been living in Suzhou for five years.(Photo from Shanghai Daily)

GERMAN Joerg Rinderman's musical talent became widely known among Suzhou residents when he won first prize in the 2011 Suzhou Talent Show for Foreigners.

Rinderman, who comes from a German and South Korean family background, has been living in Suzhou for five years and is head of Raffles Music Classroom (RMC).

Like many foreigners who come to China for a lifestyle adventure or career move, Rinderman believes the country offers many opportunities.

"My love story with China can be traced back to my friendship with a Chinese guy I met in Germany. I had been learning Chinese from him and found myself fascinated by this magical country and its culture," Rinderman says.

After his Chinese friend moved back to China, to Suzhou, and started his own business, Rinderman decided to make the same trip.

"I worked at my friend's company for almost two years as a salesperson. To convince people to buy things is really challenging. But the big attraction of sales lies on the many traveling opportunities. I visited almost all the big cities of China as a salesman, acquiring a close understanding of the country and its people," he says.

"I think most Chinese people are patient, calm and polite. Actually, having a South Korean mom, I don't feel alien to this environment at all. I had spent a lot of time in Asia before I settled down in Suzhou. I know how to use chopsticks and think I understand local people better than many foreigners."

After working in business for some time, Rinderman decided to indulge his love of music.

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