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Danish minister visits China for tourism cooperation


09:03, August 29, 2012

Mr. Ole Sohn, Danish Minister for Business and Growth, embarked on a five-day visit to China yesterday. (

Mr. Ole Sohn, Danish Minister for Business and Growth, embarked on a five-day visit to China yesterday in order to expand strategic cooperation in the Danish-Sino tourism industry.

In the afternoon, he had a meeting with the Chinese National Tourism Administration (NTA) and a seminar attended by several delegations of both Chinese and Danish tourism-operators.

During the seminar, the minister said: "We already welcome many Chinese tourists to our country annually, and this figure is increasing every year. Meanwhile, Danish tourism to China has grown. The tourism between our countries not only creates business advantages, but also acts as one of the most important tools to improve the understanding between our cultures."

The minister is visiting China from Aug. 26 to 30. During his visit he will have several meetings with high-level Chinese officials in Beijing and Shanghai. Aside from tourism, the topics of patent ownership and shipping will also receive attention during his visit.

The Minister is accompanied by a business delegation consisting of a number of companies and organizations in the areas of tourism and shipping.

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