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Beautiful epiphyllum blooms in Chushu - 'a flash in the pan'

People's Daily Online)  08:24, August 29, 2012

(CNS / Jin Shuo)

Edited and translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

Around 10 pm on the evening of Aug 25, the blooming of a beautiful epiphyllum in a residential area of Hufangqiao in Beijing attracted many local residents and photography fans. Epiphyllum usually blooms at night and withers away in just a few hours. Its short-lived beauty is favored by many people as it’s very rare to have the opportunity to see an epiphyllum bloom.

This year, one of the 24 solar terms, Chushu happened on Aug 23. Usually Chushu is the best time for epiphyllum to bloom and people often describe this scene with the old saying of “a flash in the pan”. It is also used to describe something that starts out really well, but only can last for a very short amount of time.

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