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China's online games flourish


11:00, August 28, 2012

Since the beginning of this year, China’s online game publishing industry has continued to grow. In the first 8 months of the year, revenue for original Chinese games is expected to reach nearly 20 billion yuan, about 10 percent up from last year. The speed and scale of the industry’s development are attracting world attention.

In recent years, it’s been game on for China’s online game industry. And many large international companies wanting to be players have invested.

Most domestic online games are based on Chinese history, legend, and culture, things that players can identify with. And a good script is also a key to winning the market.

Lin Qi, industry insider, said, "The scripting takes up nearly 30 percent of our company’s innovation expenses."

In this decade, China’s online game publishing industry has evolved from a minor industry with a total market revenue of less than 1 billion yuan into a giant with a direct market volume of more than 40 billion yuan. Many Chinese companies have teamed up with overseas ones to produce better works.

Insider Zhu Qi said, "We’ve gained a lot of experience through cooperating with overseas companies. We’re also glad to share it with our colleagues."

The Chinese government is also making active efforts to guide the healthy development of the industry. Preferential treatment will be given to good products. Support to outstanding domestic games and enterprises will be enhanced as well.

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