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Beijing's Best Art Galleries: The National Art Museum of China

(CRI Online)

09:24, August 23, 2012

Li Xiangming's tree branches emulate pitchforks at NAMOC. ( Wang)

As Beijing's modern art scene continues to surge into the lime light, the number of its galleries keeps apace. As with any city with a massive art scene, the quality of art you can find ranges from jaw-droppingly phenomenal to stomach-churningly terrible. CRI's William Wang takes you on a tour to galleries which showcase high caliber art, art which impresses via its subtleties, shock-value, craftsmanship or… inaccessibility.

In terms of art in China, many people may not realize that the traditional-looking National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) would be one of the premier locations to find cutting edge contemporary art. But NAMOC has certainly undeniably made a reputation at doing so.

In 2008, NAMOC staked out new territory by exhibiting the Synthetic Times show, which has now grown into the recurring triennial show New Media Art. New Media Art showcases dozens of artists' work which blurred the lines between technology, art and the individual. The works displayed may not be "art" as people usually expect it to be, but the show's high-tech and interactive works were a particular hit with children and adults alike. New Media Art 2014 is much anticipated.

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