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Beijing Art Expo features Taiwan

By Xie Wenting (

08:59, August 22, 2012

The debut of 15 galleries from Taiwan at Beijing China World Trade Centre was the highlight of the 15th Beijing International Art Expo, which ran from August 16 to August 20.

The art ranged from abstract to surreal paintings, stainless steel sculptures and calligraphy.

Under the "New Abstract-Contemporary Trend of Painting" theme, 5,000 pieces of art from more than 90 galleries and 16 countries were introduced. Galleries from abroad occupied a quarter of the total booths.

"At the 15th Art Expo, we pioneered the Cross-Straits Art Works Promotion Exhibition. We invited galleries from Taiwan to bring their representative and modern masterpieces to the event. This is our first cooperation with Taipei Art International Fair, different from previous events," Qin Hongqi, general secretary and director of Beijing International Art Expo told the Global Times.


Galleries from Taiwan including Ming Dian Gallery, License Art Gallery, Hang Shiang Gallery, E.D. Lee Gallery and Fei Hwang Art attended the five-day exhibition.

The sculpture Discourse Power: Same Cells, a model of a split tongue, stood at the gateway to the Taiwan galleries.

Created by Wang Kaifang from the Chinese mainland and Hong Yi from Taiwan, the piece seems to suggest that dialogue and ties between two sides are inseparable.

"This is my first time going to the Chinese mainland for an art exchange," said William Lin, a research assistant at Taiwan Art Institute. "Not knowing what audiences prefer, I brought abstract paintings."

Different tastes between Taiwan artists and Chinese mainland collectors exist, said Qin. "For art, this period of transition is inevitable."

The art expo provides a chance for Taiwan-based artists and collectors to learn more about the Chinese mainland market.

"It's a good opportunity to introduce the work of Taiwan painters to the Chinese mainland and to know whether people here can accept this style," Lee Su Hua, CEO of Hang Shiang Gallery, told the Global Times. She said she picked out pieces without focusing on a certain genre.

"Paintings from Taiwan are exquisite and continuously progressing. It is important to promote art sales and let people know that Taiwan has quality paintings," said Lin.

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