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An exhibition of adolescents' technical innovation kicked off in Yinchuan

By Zhuang Dianyi (Guangming Online)

09:14, August 15, 2012

As an adolescents' scientific and technical education activity with the largest scale and highest level by far, the "China adolescents' science and technology innovation contest" kicked off today in Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This event will show the result of Chinese adolescents' science and technology innovations, and also inspire an upsurge in popular interests in scientific and technical innovation in Ningxia.

The theme of the contest is "Innovation, Experience, Growth". Through strict examination, it eventually showed about 400 students' science and technology innovation programmes, 200 instructors' science and technology innovation programmes, 140 science fiction paintings, 157 excellent scientific and technical practical activities, which symbolized the new progresses that Chinese adolescents made in science and technology, 1300 teachers and students from 34 teams from all over the country, as well as judges and guests, joined the annual contest.

Han Qide, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and president of the China Association for Science and Technology, congratulated the contest via video. Vice-Minister of Education Liu Limin addressed the opening ceremony. He expressed the hope that the adolescents would "learn how to learn, how to behave, how to create, how to cooperate, and keep pursuing the interest in science."

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