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Be aware of air conditioning pollution

(People's Daily Online)

10:31, August 14, 2012

(Yangcheng Evening News)

Air conditioning is the essential in the hot summer for daily life and work. However, improper use of air conditioning has become the main reason of indoor air pollution.

Air conditioning pollution may cause respiratory tract infections

Air conditioning pollution refers to the pollutants generated or accumulated in the air conditioning unit that can jeopardize people’s health. They gain access to the indoor environment through the air conditioning’s ventilating system. A variety of pollutants can survive in the air conditioning system and they are divided into physical, chemical and biological pollutants according to their nature. The biological pollutants, including bacteria, fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and mites, can accumulate in the air conditioning system and can also multiply in fan coil unit and heat sinks where the environment is suitable for their growth. These pollutants can be extremely hazardous to health.

Air conditioning pollution can cause dozens of diseases harmful to human health, mainly causing respiratory tract infections such as Legionnaires' disease, the most common respiratory tract infection caused by Legionella. Allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma and extrinsic allergic alveolitis are also common problems.

Dust can easily accumulate in filter screens and heat sinks

Air conditioning filter screens and especially heat sinks are vulnerable to the accumulation of dust. The heat sinks in air conditioning units are found where the cold and hot air interchanges. When the air conditioning is running, the humid environment and appropriate temperature produced by condensation, coupled with dust accumulated in the heat sink, can provide an ideal living condition for bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms to multiply rapidly. When turning on the air conditioning, these pollutants are blown into the room, causing a negative impact on human health. When cleaning air conditioning units, the heat sinks are usually ignored, causing hidden dangers from indoor air pollution.

Air conditioning units should be cleaned yearly before use

Experts suggest that air conditioning units should be cleaned every year before use and once every two months afterwards. The air supply outlet, filter screen and also heat sinks should be washed. Normally, the heat sink can be difficult to take apart, so the general and simple method of wiping and cleaning is not usable. Special air conditioning disinfectant can be purchase for cleaning in this case. In addition, a large number of microorganisms can be found on the heat sink, so people should use only authorized air conditioning disinfectant to ensure the bacteria are properly exterminated.

Open doors and windows to maintain ventilation when cleaning air conditioning units

After cleaning, the air conditioning units should be left in a properly ventilated area for 20 minutes to avoid secondary indoor air pollution.

Read the Chinese version: 夏日当心空调污染

Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Dai Changfang and Gu Shaohong.


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