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Beijing residents enjoy "splish splash" summer


10:42, August 13, 2012

Chaoyang Park's, yearly "Ocean Fiesta" sets up a 20,000 square meter beach alongside a 5,000 square meter swimming pool.

Few things go together like summer and swimming. And Beijing's offerings seem to get better and better every year.

Beijing residents can enjoy sunshine on the beach right in the heart of the city. Chaoyang Park's, yearly "Ocean Fiesta" sets up a 20,000 square meter beach alongside a 5,000 square meter swimming pool.

A Beijing citizen, said, "I feel like I'm at the seaside. There is beach and water here. Very cool. "

Another Beijing citizen, said, "It's cool and refreshing here. It's so nice that we can enjoy such a cool place in Beijing."

And it doesn't end there. The two and a half month long Fiesta also includes song and dance performances to the delight of crowds.

The kids, meanwhile, may find particular delight at the Taiyanggong water park. More than ten rides made up of different shaped castles and slides offer an exciting adventure for the kiddies.

A Beijing citizen, said, "I had a very good time today and I will come here again with my mom."

"I've tried almost all of these rides. I enjoy that slide the most. It was very fast and really awesome."

The water park will be open till September 2nd.

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