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Chinese celebrate "Liqiu" with delicious food


15:00, August 09, 2012

For people in northern China it's also a time for the customs of "Tie Qiu Biao" and "Yao Qiu".

● "Liqiu" or "start of autumn" falls on Aug. 7 this year according to Chinese lunar calendar

● On that day, Chinese eat meat and vegetables to take in nutrition for the coming winter

● This custom, popular in northern China, is called "Tie Qiu Biao" and "Yao Qiu"

In China, Liqiu, meaning "the start of autumn," falls on August 7th this year. As the name suggests, it traditionally foretells the end of the summer heat.

For people in northern China it's also a time for the customs of "Tie Qiu Biao" and "Yao Qiu". You might understand the meaning of all these words, but it's all about eating meat, vegetables and fruit to gain weight for the coming winter.

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