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Sculpting the perfect city in Changchun

By Raymond Zhou and Liu Mingtai (China Daily)

09:35, August 08, 2012

Artists have begun large-scale sculpting for the 13th China Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition.

There are many sculpture parks throughout China, but nowhere are people more passionate about this form of artwork than in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin province. Nor is any other locale as diverse in style. Raymond Zhou and Liu Mingtai report in Changchun.

There is the statue of Apollo on Culture Square, au naturel in the style of ancient Greece, yet his arms are outstretched in a pose representing Soviet athleticism. He sits with his back against a reclining Goddess of the Moon and together they form a yin and yang arrangement.

There is a silhouette of two cyclists in stainless steel, which has been appropriately positioned outside the city stadium. Casts of Auguste Rodin's Thinker and The Age of Bronze greet visitors to the Changchun World Sculpture Park.

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