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3-D martial arts movie to be launched

By Xu Lin  (China Daily)

13:31, August 04, 2012

A Shaolin monk practices kung fu during the shooting of the first 3-D documentary about the legendary temple. (Provided to China Daily)

Diehard fans of Chinese martial arts will be able to enjoy kung fu as if they were in the presence of masters thanks to the launch of a 3-D documentary set in the legendary Shaolin Temple.

The 60-minute Shaolin Boot Camp showcases the life of Hollywood actor and martial artist Jason Scott Lee as he learns about the Shaolin Temple, its traditions and kung fu from Shaolin monks over a two-week period.

Shooting of the documentary wrapped up on Thursday.

Shi Yongxin, the abbot of the temple, tonsured Lee and guided his practice.

Lee, 46, who is of Chinese-American descent, became famous starring as Bruce Lee in the 1993 kung fu movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. He also studied Jeet Kune Do — a kung fu system developed by Bruce Lee — under Jerry Poteet, one of Bruce Lee's students.

The story of the Shaolin Temple and its kung fu has been featured in movies and documentaries before, but this is the first 3-D film to be made about it.

It is a co-production by China Intercontinental Communication Center, Beach House Pictures in Singapore and 3net, a 3-D television channel in the United States. The documentary's premiere on 3net is scheduled for the beginning of 2013, with plans to have it broadcast in China later.

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