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'Dawn Footstep' says it's morning and time to run

By An Baijie (China Daily)

14:29, July 26, 2012

Li Xiaoshuan (second right) and other joggers join the Thousands in Healthy Run event on May 19 in Jiaozuo, Henan province.

Li Xiaoshuan's alarm clock rings at 8 pm. He switches it off and dials three phone numbers - one to Canada and the other two in the United States. Then he hangs up before anyone answers the phone.

"It's about 6 am in the US and Canada now and it's time for my friends there to get up for their morning exercises," Li says.

He is not a hotel attendant, but he has been providing such "morning call" services to tens of thousands of people since 2007.

"The idea of waking up others began on April 16, 2007. A netizen asked me to wake him up after he read online that I have been doing morning jogs for about seven years," Li says. "I accepted his request and then, it dawned on me that I could 'morning call' as many people as possible."

He has since been called "Dawn Footstep".

Li, 43, says he has been jogging every morning since 2001 to cure his insomnia caused by work pressure. He shared his morning jog experiences on some online forums to encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

After receiving the first request to wake up a netizen, Li publicized his mobile phone number on an online forum and promised to wake up those who sent him a text message request.

"I posted this message: Don't oversleep. Get up and run. I will wake you up if you send me a text message," says the civil servant, attached to the Jiaozuo forestry bureau in Henan province.

To his surprise, he received more than 50 text messages the next day.

Keeping to his promise, Li called the message senders, all of whom were strangers, at about 5:30 am the day after.

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