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Senoras take spotlight

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

08:36, July 26, 2012

Spanish artist Almudena Armenta's Balacera. (GT/ Guo Yingguang)

Spain is one of the birthplaces of modern European art and renowned for producing luminaries Pablo Picasso, Gaston Orellana and Salvador Dali. However, such male masters have overshadowed the country's female artistic greats. On July 24, an exhibition entitled "Stripping Eva" sponsored and hosted by the Cervantes Institute in Chaoyang district was officially launched. The three-month exhibition puts the spotlight on female artists from Spain and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Some 20 artworks, mostly oil paintings and photographs, by as many different artists are on display at the center's exhibition hall. Among those present at Tuesday's opening of the exhibition were curator Marisa Oropesa, Spanish artist Diana Coca and Lin Tianmiao, the sole Chinese, non-Spanish-speaking artist whose work is also featured in the exhibition.

"Women [from Spain and Latin America] almost didn't exist in artistic circles in the past, always appearing as models instead of creators," Oropesa said at the exhibition's opening.

"You can appreciate the different styles of art by female artists, such as the great [Mexican painter] Frida Kahlo, and some younger or more controversial artists."

Whether their artworks are controversial or not, it's hard not to be swept up in the creativity that has gone into their creations.

For instance, The Contortionista by Spaniard Angeles Agrela features a woman dressed in white pants jumping over the ground. Her two hands, however, are staked with black roots that symbolize sin.

Agrela's works have demonstrated over the past eight years a strong attraction to the body, both in painting, sculptures and photographs.

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