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All kinds of cultural activities go on around China


09:41, July 23, 2012

The first film co-produced by China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea sees its premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

In the coming months, there are all kinds of cultural activities going on around China. It really looks like Chinese people will be spoilt for choice this summer.

Premiere of "Meet in Pyongyang"

The first film co-produced by China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea saw its premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Set in the modern-day capital of the DPRK, "Meet in Pyongyang" tells the story of a young Chinese dancer who meets a Korean counterpart on an exchange program. Dealing with themes of friendship and romance, the film has a surprisingly open vision. It goes on general release in China from August 3rd.

Harbin Summer Music Festival

Also next month, the China Harbin Summer Music Festival is kicking off on August 6th. The ten-day event includes the much-anticipated National Vocal Music Competition, an accordion symposium and a great lineup of acts, both from home and abroad. Hundreds of talented singers in folk and pop genres will be competing for the top prizes.

Youth Piano Competition

The eastern Chinese city of Xiamen will play host to a grand youth piano competition in September. More than 300 talented young pianists will be taking part in the contest, with 96 getting through to the finals. The competition runs from September 22nd to 28th.

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