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Dramas hit stage in Shanghai to celebrate Beijing Theater's 60th anniversary


09:23, July 20, 2012

Show "The Confidant" tells the touching story of a Qing dynasty poet who's willing to lay down his life for his best friend.

Great dramas are hitting the stage in Shanghai. The shows are part of a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Beijing People's Art Theater. Chinese drama "The Confidant" is to kick off the celebrations on Wednesday, and anticipation is mounting with renowned actor Feng Yuanzheng meeting excited fans before the performance.

It's a drama institution with a very high reputation. Shanghai theater fans are getting ready to enjoy a series of shows marking the 60th anniversary of the Beijing People's Art Theater.

One audience member said, "Their achievements are second to none in China, both in terms of the quality of production and the popularity of the performers."

But they're also here to see Feng Yuanzheng, whose show "The Confidant" is opening the festival on Wednesday. It tells the touching story of a Qing dynasty poet who's willing to lay down his life for his best friend. It's actually based on a true story with a script that took an astonishing 30 years to complete.

Feng believes it was time well spent. He said, "After watching the show, people say they started thinking if there's anyone in their life that they'd be willing to lay down their life for. That's the value of the show in a nutshell."

The theatrical celebrations will run from July 18th to August 5th, a feast for drama lovers at the Shanghai Grand Theater.

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