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Carved "aliens" in ancient times

(People's Daily Online)

09:12, July 18, 2012

Edited and translated by Xue Meng, People's Daily Online

A British "aliens" science exhibition is being held in the National Agriculture Exhibition Center from June 20 to July 28, 2012. More than 100 carvings depicting "aliens", which were suspected to have come from the ancient times, are being exhibited. These carvings are mainly portraits and statues of ancient "alien" astronauts and have been kept by the Beijing Ancient Jade Specimen Research Center.

All the items exhibited are three-dimensional. Every piece was created with the natural and honest emotions of the ancient people and proved the diligent and wisdom of those people.

The management of Beijing Ancient Jade Specimen Research Center said that the purpose to hold this exhibition is to deepen people's knowledge about this special carving art, let more people know what "aliens" look like and attract more people to join the research of the forms and art of the "aliens". By strengthening the knowledge about ancient times, they also hope that people can show respect to the ancient caving technology and the sprit within.

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