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Modern Beijing opera Red Cliff successful in Prague


09:20, July 11, 2012

PRAGUE, July 10 (Xinhua) -- "Great success, not only artistic, but also from social point of view" - this is what visitors said after the Monday first performance of modern Beijing opera Red Cliff in Czech capital Prague.

The show was staged under auspices of Czech president Vaclav Klaus in country's most prestigious National Theatre. At he end of the show, long standing ovations continued.

According to president Klaus, such shows help to deepen the knowledge about other cultures and he considers it important part of foreign relations.

"We were very surprised how quickly was the show sold out," spokeswoman of National Theatre ballet Helena Bartlova said.

"Such a big show that even Lady Gaga would go pale," Hospodarske noviny daily commented.

And the fact that audience often applauded during the performance - something very unusual in Czech opera tradition - is taken as a proof of big success.

Czech media commented that the arrival of more than 160 members of opera performers itself signalled that the show would become a smash hit.

They stressed that while Beijing opera usually does not need any big stage setting, this time the show, directed by Zhang Jigang, the architect of the Beijing Olympic Games ceremonies choreography, provides some real thrills for the Czech audience.


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