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China creates new visa category to attract overseas talents

(People's Daily Online)

08:56, July 09, 2012

On June 30, the 11th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, passed a new Exit-Entry Administration Law at its 27th meeting. One of the highlights of the new law is a new visa category titled "talent introduction" which aims to attract talented individuals from overseas.

The Chinese government has long attached great importance to attracting oversea talent to work in China. The "talent introduction" visa category will provide a convenient green channel for overseas talented people who are interested in working in China.

Overseas Chinese of foreign nationalities face visa problems

More and more overseas Chinese people of foreign nationalities are returning to work in China. They are nicknamed "seagulls" because they often fly between China and other countries.

"I came back to start my own business. I want to apply what I have learned aboard in the business, and do my bit to promote domestic technological transformation," said Dr. Wu Wei, a "seagull" and a co-founder of Wuxi-based Cynovo Inc.

Wu returned from the Silicon Valley to Wuxi, Jiangsu province in August 2008 to start a business and serve the country. Visa problems are a constant annoyance to him. Wu had not completed the registration of his business prior to his return to Wuxi, and had to apply for a three-month, single-entry visa as he was not eligible for a work visa. "Seagulls" come back to start their own business, with many of their customers located abroad. It is inconvenient and annoying to have to renew their visa on a business trip.

Visa problems can bring inconvenience to both work and life in China. Wu, who started his business a few years ago, have benefited from the Wuxi's "530" talent introduction program and Jiangsu province's entrepreneurship program, and now holds a two-year work visa. However, his wife and son still live on a three-month visa. "It is fine. We just feel we are not accepted by our motherland, and do not have a sense of belonging," Wu said. Many "seagulls" feel the same way.

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PD User at 2012-07-12183.39.33.*
Foreign Affairs of China should announce accurately the how-to-apply details in "what website locations" ; else all appeared to be just "hot-air" baloneys!!
PD User at 2012-07-12183.39.33.*
Agreeing with @ming absolutely! As many wealthy family members of China have left and are applying to leave for overseas nations to live and study, a sort of brain draining flow is happening. Whether these "turtles" will return to serve their own motherland are their own futuristic calls. But, the immense amount of overseas knowledge and know-hows of good "seagulls" are silent or unsung "gold and diamonds" inherited and learnt over the ages of generations from among many foreign national cultures and educations; though not all so-called "seagulls" are good if these are not bastards to screw local Chinese and China. All these did NOT come cheap and easy! Coming into China will enrich a great New China with such free-of-charge exchanges of minds; i.e. a more reliable source of influences for China and in China for we come with our hearts and minds for a better China!
PD User at 2012-07-12183.39.33.*
YOU should open up and read more about China!! Currently, overseas Chinese ("seagulls") and even any other non-Chinese origins can buy properties and stay in them without an issue. Your visa may be extended to upto 2 years on multiple entry cat in your preferred location, Guangdong province like ShenZhen city and outskirts. Use your Sing$ to buy a beautiful apt in OTC-East and/or any seaside suburb to enjoy your retirement life in much better conditions than Singapore!! But, do NOT ask for nor to expect exclusively a "seagull" retirement village as you will need to integrate into the real Chinese environment in China if you are a proud Chinese origin. Advise that you check on this advice or suggestion in the websites of China; and wishing you well. Questions welcomed!
PD User at 2012-07-10220.255.1.*
I am oversea Chinese who is born in Singapore and both my parents come from Guangdong, China to Singapore due to the hardship.I wish to settle down in China for my retirement as I have just enough of savings to last through my life.Why don"t the Chinese Government sets up the retirement village for these oversea Chinese as we are the same blood, same language and race. In Thailand, it welcomes all foreigners to stay as long as they like with a certain sum of money inside the Thai Banks. This is to guarantee that the foreigners can take care of themselves.
Skeptical at 2012-07-1068.68.46.*
This article says, "The talent visa has started issuing." I"m skeptical because the new Exit-Entry Administration Law says all provisions will go into force on June 1, 2013. To my knowledge, there"s no agency regulations about who will qualify for "talent" visas. And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website doesn"t seem to say anything about it. Please correct me if I"m mistaken.

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