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Korean Culture and Food Festival debuts

(China Daily)

08:41, July 09, 2012

Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel will present “the Beauty of Korean Style 2012”, a Korean Culture & Food Festival in July and August, in collaboration with the Korean Culture Service under the ROK Embassy and Korea Agro- Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation.

The Korean Culture & Food Festival under the above tripartite cooperation was held in 2011 and more than 2,000 visitors attended the festival. In order to continue bringing a glimpse of Korean lifestyle to all capital diners, the hotel will further expand the festival this year. The two-month festival not only features an array of Kimchi, Korean BBQ, Bibimbop, Doenjang Jigae (miso soup), Korean style cold noodles, rice cakes and many other classic Korean foods prepared by guest chefs from JW Marriott Hotel Seoul to go with Dongdongju (rice wine), it also highlights traditional Korean fine arts, clothes, accessories and centuries-old artifacts such as pottery and porcelain on display.

“The festival inspires more curiosity and favor for Korean culture among many Chinese, enhancing bilateral relations between the two nations,” says Ms Angela Pan, general manager of the hotel. “And the success of the Korean Festival in 2011 creates an excellent opportunity for the hotel to work more closely with supportive Korean organizations to bring authentic Korean Culture to China."


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