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Root-seeking culture connects Chinese mainland, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese

(People's Daily Online)

08:05, July 05, 2012

The 2012 Cross-Strait Peaceful Development Forum, jointly held by the Beijing-based All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (ACFROC) and Taipei-based Federation of Overseas Chinese Association in Taiwan (FOCAT), kicked off in Xiamen on June 17. The forum attracted more than 200 domestic and overseas participants, and promoted cross-strait exchanges on the root-seeking culture and the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese shared by the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, under the theme of "Joining hands in carrying forward Chinese civilization, working together to build the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese."

Adding "flesh" to "skeleton"

"The forum this year is divided into two parts: the reunion event in Taiwan and meetings in Xiamen. The reunion event can be considered a foundation for the meetings," said Lin Youhui, deputy secretary-general of ACFROC.

Lin said that the two federations held the reunion event because overseas Chinese are linked with the Chinese mainland and Taiwan mostly through the associations of townsmen or clansmen worldwide. If the two federations establish close ties with each other and the associations of overseas Chinese townsmen or clansmen, the construction of harmonious overseas Chinese communities will enjoy great public support.

The reunion event was warmly welcomed in Taiwan. Hong Yufeng, a non-party city councilor in Tainan, was invited to a reunion activity in the city, and choked with tears several times when talking about her experience of "seeking roots" in Fujian province, striking a chord with the audience.

Hong said that she went to attend a forum in Xiamen two years ago, and stopped by her cousin's home. When he served her a bowl of noodles, she was immediately moved to tears because her father prepares the same noodles for breakfast during every Spring Festival. Hong added that she has been in contact with her cousin all these years. She would receive a call from her cousin to see if she was ok whenever Taiwan was hit by a typhoon, even if it was after midnight. "The blood tie cannot be destroyed," Hong said, adding that such blood ties will bring the mainland and Taiwan closer and closer together, and help create a better future.

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