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A new literature project bears fruit

By Yang Guang (China Daily)

08:39, July 04, 2012

China International Publishing Group and Writers Publishing Group has made a significant step forward in the Chinese literature going global campaign with a new project.

The first fruit of the project is the publication of the first volume of Chinese Literature in English by New World Press. The French and Spanish editions will come out soon.

The first volume of the literary quarterly gathers together five prestigious Lu Xun Literature Prize-winning novellas and short stories, representing contemporary Chinese life: Runaway by Tie Ning, chairwoman of the Chinese Writers Association; Page 43 by Han Shaogong, the 2011 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature winner; Empty Nest by Zhang Ling, whose epic Gold Mountain Blues chronicles five generations of a Chinese family struggling for a better life in Canada's West Coast; Clear Soup of Greens by Pan Xiangli and We're All on Call by Fan Xiaoqing.

Another two volumes will be published by the end of 2012. The New Classic Press has bought the foreign languages copyrights of the series and will be responsible for its overseas publication and distribution.


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