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Excellent films ought to present real China

(People's Daily Online)

09:23, June 28, 2012

For the Chinese people, films not only describe a story with one or two hours, it marks a cultural life.

The Shanghai International Film Festival closed on June 24 and met the imagination of the people. It was a grand meeting of the film industry personnel and thousands of Chinese and foreign films were nominated for awards. It not only attracted the eyes of young film fans but also gave middle-aged and elderly audiences a chance to review their youthful dreams with such classical films as "Crossroads."

This is China’s first international film festival and one of the world's nine international film festivals. It is the largest, most authoritative and significant film festival in Asia. Films belong to the public and the film festival is the festival of the public.

However, the Shanghai International Film Festival also revealed some noteworthy information. For example, there are few heavyweight films themed with China's real life among the thousands of films. When the film industry around the world is faced with the impact of the Hollywood films and the film producers and directors all over the world are trying to open the film market of China, can Chinese people make some films themed with realistic life of China?

According to the China-U.S. film agreement set at the beginning of 2012, China will allow in an extra 14 big U.S. films every year and it also allows the U.S. filmmakers to keep a bigger share of box office takings, receiving 25 percent instead of 13 percent. The Hollywood films are gradually occupying China's movie theaters, which has caused great pressure on Chinese film production. When the United States and Japan nakedly preach their patriotism with such films as "Saving Private Ryan" and "Always Sunset on Third Street," can China only make films portraying the old customs and Chinese Kung Fu?

In the past, the world's understanding of China was the "Little Red Book" and "blue ants" of the Cultural Revolution, the stereotyped giant panda and double-sided embroidery, the long braids of the men and the bound feet of women in the Qing dynasty, the environmental pollution, the cheap "Made in China" and even the forged and fake commodity. That was China but was China of the past and the other side of China. Chinese people and Chinese stories were covered and misread in a long time and to a large extent。

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