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Readers sink their teeth into A Bite of China

By Mei Jia (China Daily)

09:43, June 27, 2012

The popular TV documentary series A Bite of China has gone into print.

A full-color book with the same title was recently released in Beijing.

Its publishers, Guangming Daily Press and Beijing Fonghong Books, won the competition among more than 200 publishers that have been pursuing the opportunity to publish a book about the series since it was broadcast on CCTV in May.

Li Pan, the anchorwoman of a CCTV reading program, says even her phone has been busy with publishers seeking to contact the documentary's producers to publish a book.

Guangming Daily Press director Zhu Qing says it took a month of continuous attempts to win the rights. The company released the book within a month of getting them.

"We decided to act quickly to satisfy the market's thirst for extended reading," Zhu says.

The publisher had pre-sold 200,000 copies before the launch.

Li Guoqing, CEO of the online bookseller Dangdang, says he believes the book will exceed 1 million sales. He says the documentary's DVD version has comprised one-third of Dang-dang's recent sales.

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