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L'Oreal gives makeup a makeover in China

(China Daily)

11:12, June 25, 2012

Beauty products firm conducts ongoing research to meet demand

As the world's largest cosmetics group, L'Oreal knows that most people have a desire to pursue beauty. The company also believes in the power and significance of beauty in everyday life.

"Beauty has been part of the civilization of mankind," said Alexis Perakis-Valat, chief executive officer of L'Oreal China. "It boosts personal charisma and confidence and gives added meaning to the personal and professional life of women and men all over the world."

L'Oreal says it has always valued and understood customer demand in various markets and this is the source of its creativity and inspiration.

"We attach great importance to and have long been committed to China. To provide Chinese consumers with superior, efficient products and services, we have always kept a sharp eye on Chinese consumers' demand and desire and continuously improved our local research and production capabilities in China," said Perakis-Valat.

Human beings have always pursued beauty. Makeup plays an increasingly important role in Chinese women's lives and also has a deep significance.

To gain a better knowledge of modern Chinese women's perception of makeup and better grasp of how to help them understand and use makeup in a more scientific way, L'Oreal China and its cosmetics brands have conducted long-term, ongoing consumer research in various forms.

According to Perakis-Valat, the company carefully considers makeup for modern Chinese women from the various perspectives of culture, science, psychology and art in order to further improve awareness of it and an appreciation of beauty.

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