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High risks behind Chinese mothers’ giving birth in US

(People's Daily Online)

09:45, June 25, 2012

According to the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution taking effect in 1868, any babies born in the United States will become U.S. citizens, regardless of the race of their parents and whether their parents have a legal identity.

Inspired by the provision, more and more Chinese mothers go to the United States to have babies in order to get the U.S. citizenship for their babies, making the Chinese bosses operating the baby care centers in the United States earn a big money. As there are many risks to have a U.S. baby, these expectant mothers must be cautious.

High costs to have a baby in the name of traveling to the United States

All kinds of intermediary companies that help these women who want to give birth to a baby in the United States said that as long as they are willing to pay, it is no problem to have a baby in the United States. The lowest expenditure is 110,000 yuan. If pregnant women can pay more, they will be treated better. The highest expenditure is nearly 300,000 yuan.

According to sources, these pregnant women preparing to have a baby in the United States should have a tourist visa and generally stay in the United States for three months, that is, two months before having a baby and one month after it. Then, they must return home with their newly born babies. In accordance with the standards of 110,000 yuan, only the pregnant women are allowed to go to the United States, with four or five living in a flat and each having a room. A cook, a housekeeper and a cleaner are arranged to take care of them before they give birth to a baby and a confinement nurse will be added after the babies were born.

As for the standard of over 160,000 yuan, the pregnant women can live in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment on their own, accompanied by one or two family members. The family members also need to handle a tourist visa. The intermediary companies can help them introduce a confinement nurse. The cost reported by the intermediary companies only is the expenditure in the baby care centers in three months, not including medical expenses. If no any unexpected thing happens, the medical cost of having a baby in the United States is 35,000 yuan.

Read the Chinese version: 生美国娃,风险高!

Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Wang Piyi

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