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All fired up

By Zhang Yue  (China Daily)

08:58, June 19, 2012

Only You host Zhang Shaogang (right) has been criticized for his dismissive attitude toward some job seekers. Photos provided to China Daily

A job-hunting TV show that has stirred controversy by criticizing students who have returned from studying abroad has had to rethink its attitude. Zhang Yue reports in Beijing.

China's most popular employment reality TV show, Only You, has seen 305 applicants find jobs since it started in late 2010, with 51 of them being students who studied overseas. It doesn't sound like a recipe for controversy, but it is.

Only You is filmed by Tianjin TV Station and hosted by Zhang Shaogang. On its May 20 broadcast, the 32-year-old Guo Jie, who had studied in France for 10 years and earned three degrees, fainted on stage when it was alleged his master's degree was a fake.

The judging panel mistook his BAC+5 degree (equivalent to a master's degree) as a high school graduate diploma.

This is not the first time that overseas returnees have been challenged on the show.

In January, Liu Lili, who studied in New Zealand, answered Zhang's questions, replying in English occasionally and claiming her favorite literature was William Shakespeare's "heroic couplets" - which appeared to irritate Zhang immensely.

Over the past few months, the TV program has been a controversial topic online, especially on Sina Weibo, because of Guo's fainting incident and because many viewers think the program is biased against overseas returnees.

A video of the show was also posted on YouTube, with English subtitles, and has had tens of thousands of hits. There is even a parody of the show, which turns Guo (with a rainbow colored face) and the judges into cartoon characters.

The former chief of Google China, Kai-fu Lee, who was educated in the United States, responded by initiating a campaign to boycott the show.

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