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Do not follow travel guides blindly

(People's Daily Online)

08:31, June 19, 2012

When you decide to take a vacation, will you prepare beforehand? You certainly will not spend too much time on it if you choose a package tour and at most you will search some local specialties worth buying on the Internet as a shopping reference. Those who choose to travel by themselves, however, will browse some travel guides on the Internet to look forward to a reasonable, economic, comprehensive and interesting journey.

As a fan of private tours and a reliable travel companion, I regard the arrangement of meals, accommodation, transportation, travel route and shopping as my task. So, I have collected various dazzling travel guides, including the official version, the authoritative version, the latest version and the experienced version. Then, how do we single out the practical travel guides?

First of all, the travel guides are not textbooks and people do not have to fully comply with it. Everyone is the leading role during the journey and they can write the script with their own ideas. Therefore, they do not have to repeat other people's scripts. After all, the one suitable for them is the best and most comfortable.

The most typical travel tips on the Internet is that "what you must do when you travel some place," which have been regarded as canons by many people. They will be eager to experience what had been mentioned on the post. However, they do not know that such posts are related to commercial profits and these embedded advertising will guide you unknowingly.

Usually, I will pick out the contents I am interested in when I read such like posts and then search other forums to see how other people describe their experiences about these contents. It will be scheduled to my trip if I think it very interesting.

Next, combine the strengths of official and private guides. Many tourist destinations especially scenic sports have their own official websites and official micro-blogs, regularly publishing the official travel guides. In these guides, those about transportation, tickets and information of scenic sports are relatively credible and can be collected as standby.

As for the recommendations on accommodation and specialties, the private guides have higher credibility than the official guides. The official guides especially those about popular scenic sports have a good publicity in terms of investment attraction. Therefore, many businesses like to do publicity in the soft advertising.

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