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SIFF starts Saturday

(China Daily)

08:48, June 18, 2012

A scene from Gao Qunshu's Beijing Blues, which is based on a real story and is nominated for SIFF's top award, the Golden Goblet. Provided to China Daily

The 15th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) begins on Saturday and carries on for nine days.

Two Chinese films are nominated for the top award, the Golden Goblet. Gao Qunshu's Beijing Blues tells the story of a Beijing policeman's pains and gains, while Huo Jianqi's Xiao Hong depicts the legendary female writer's life.

Highlights include a series of forums attended by senior insiders. They will focus on the rising trends and issues in the industry, such as how domestic films compete with Hollywood blockbusters, filmmaking and the new media, and how stars turn into producers.

The China Film Pitch and Catch section will find eight promising directors who will present their projects to a jury of veteran filmmakers. The winner will receive production funds from the festival.


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