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Intl film stars laud TCM doctor for amazing curative effects

(People's Daily Online)

09:05, June 13, 2012

At a ceremony held in Sydney's Chinatown on June 8, a Chinese martial artist-cum-traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor showed the great charm of Chinese culture, and his impressive achievements in promoting TCM culture abroad.

At the ceremony, a Sydney Opera House representative handed an appointment letter to Fang Shan, a Chinese martial artist-cum-TCM doctor who once cured his illness. It was the first time that Sydney Opera House had appointed a TCM practitioner as its medical consultant.

Several Hollywood stars and screenwriters went all the way to Sydney to enliven the ceremony and tell people about their own experience of TCM treatment. Craig Pearce, who wrote the screenplays for Charlie St. Cloud, Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby, and Oscar-winning Moulin Rouge!, said at the ceremony that TCM treatment was amazing. Fang cured his illness through acupuncture, and helped him restore vitality. Robert Mammone, one of the main actors in The Matrix, said that he used to suffer from chronicle neck and shoulder pain, but just after two treatments by Fang, the pain disappeared. TCM was incredible.

Richard Carter, one of the main actors in The Great Gatsby which is set to be released on December 25 this year, said that Western medicine could not cure his illness, so he lost faith in it. TCM changed his life, and is the source of love that treats and cures human beings.

Two noted Australian film actors danced and sang at the ceremony. They suffered a lot of illnesses many years ago, and were both over weight. Fang cured their illnesses, and helped them lose 60 kilograms and 40 kilograms of weight respectively.

There was another special “patient” at the ceremony. Juan Carlos Cassano, a lecturer at the Australian Catholic University. He said that he used to suffer from a groin muscle tear for more than two years as no hospitals in Sydney could cure it. Fortunately, he later found Fang, who only spent two months completely curing the injury.

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