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Tourism needs to be endowed with soul of culture

(People's Daily Online)

15:59, June 12, 2012

Traveling the famous mountains and great waters, people may be moved by their beauty and remarkableness for some time but as time goes by, these impressions will fade.

But why are some places attractive and unforgettable forever? That is because the soul of culture exists in them.

To people who have visited Hunan, it is evocative that "a city became famous for a person; a spectacular place became famous for a travel notes and a spirit was handed down because of a poem." The ancient city of Fenghuang became famous owing to Shen Congwen, a Chinese writer.

The "Peach Garden," wrote by Tao Yuanming, an ancient Chinese poet, gave Wulingyuan district another name, "a land of idyllic beauty," and the famous words that "a leader should plan and worry ahead of the people and enjoy the fruits after the people" in the "Remarks of Yueyang Tower, " wrote by Fan Zhongyan, an ancient Chinese writer, has been remembered and mentioned over the centuries. Standing by the Orange Beach in the center of the Xiangjiang River, people can see the red all over the mountains and plains from northern side.

The experience of visitors made it clear that culture is the main reason for people to remember those fascinating places forever. The culture is the soul of tourism and tourism is the carrier of culture. Without the soul of culture, the tourism will lack the inherent meanings and the tourist economy will lack the follow-up power. Some places are very interested in developing the tourism but use wrong methods and make efforts to raise the ticket prices, counterfeit antiques and cultural relics and make up amazing stories.

As a new cultural and economic form, the essence of the cultural tourism is to make culture a living soul. Today, people showed strong demand for culture since the food and clothing have met their demand. The cultural tourism has become a pattern of cultural consumption. It will lose the opportunity if people are failed to see the trend but it also would be wasted if people misunderstand the true meaning of cultural tourism and transform and upgrade it at random.

As a country of 5,000 years of civilization, China has many regions and places enjoying a long history and unique culture. In recent years, many ground-breaking exploration and practice have been formed.

For example, in addition to the beautiful sceneries described by Zhu Ziqing, a Chinese writer, the Shangyu city of Zhejiang also is famous for the Butterfly Lovers. Moreover, the Shangyu city became "the city of filial piety culture in China" owing to Shun Emperor of ancient times and Cao E, a filial daughter in the Han period, and a peculiarly prominent part in the history of education thanks to Jing Hengyi, Xia Gaizun, Zhu Ziqing, Zhu Guangqian and Feng Zikai.

In recent years, Shangyu city, which is located on the south bank of Hangzhou and between Hangzhou and Ningbo, has figured out the unique cultural context and actively built the Shangyu core circle of culture and tourism, driving the development of "cultural tourism" forward. The practice has proved that many places must have their special conditions and advantages to make culture the soul of tourism and even the soul of development. The key is to activate the culture and make it the breath and blood of our times.

Any place will become famous and popular and has strong follow-up power once it has its unique cultural brand and mark.

Read the Chinese version: 当旅游有了文化之魂
Source: People's Daily; Author: Li Peiming


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